Federation Cup Inter-State Bodybuilding Championship

A plan that goes unfulfilled leaves behind more bruises than a lost battle. Team Masters underwent that pain recently, not once but twice!

A couple of much-awaited trips to Thrissur to attend the Federation Cup and Coonoor, Nilgiris,

for the 19th Jr. Tamil Nadu Bodybuilding Championship evaporated right in front of our eyes.

Members of Team Masters were helpless and forced to choose between their passion for the muscle festivals or their bread and butter job. Unable to listen to the voice of our hearts, we had to go by the diktats of our brains.

However, the results of Federation Cup, where Tamil Nadu lost Team Championship by a very close 1 point (!!!!!!) came as a small relief. On second thoughts, we were rather upset, I should say.

“Damn, one point is s@*$#,” I yelled at my team mates on hearing the news. But, I am sure that the day is not far away when our young lions of Tamil Nadu are going to roar big-time at the Nationals and grab that long-awaited No. 1 spot.

While wishing all competitors the very best of luck, I do offer a piece of my mind. “My dear brothers, ours is a sport in which a person can participate until he turns even 90 or more. It just calls for taking good care of the body and health and being smart. Good Luck.”

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


Here’s is a list of top six finishers

55 kg Category

I Place – Amal P. Surendar (Kerala), II – Nitin Mhate (Maharashtra), III   – Pradip Kumar (Manipur),  IV   – M. Parasuraman (Pondicherry), V – Munuswamy (Tamilnadu) , VI    – S. Prabhakaran (Pondicherry)

60 kg Category

I Place – M. Kothandaraman (Tamilnadu), II – Nitin Sharma (U.P), III   – C. Ratheesh (Kerala),  IV   – Y. Sunetha (Manipur), V – K. Haribabu (Tamilnadu) , VI    – Chandrashekar Pawar (Maharashtra)

65 kg Category

I Place – M. Venkatesh (Tamilnadu), II – N. Perumal Durai (Tamilnadu), III   – K.P. Pradip (Kerala),  IV   – P.P. Shameel (Kerala) , V – E. Ponmudi (Pondicherry) , VI    – T. Ramakrishna (Telangana)

70 kg Category

I Place – K. Gopinath (Tamilnadu), II – Edwin Wilson (Kerala) , III   – P. Sibi (Tamilnadu),  IV   – E. Ramkumar (Pondicherry) , V –  P.D. Jinto (Kerala), VI    – Sudanshu Sharma (U.P)

75 kg Category

I Place – G. Saravanaraj (Tamilnadu), II – Prasad Anand (Kerala), III   – Sunil Gondkar (Maharashtra),  IV   – Sachin Dorge (Maharashtra), V – Vinayanak M. Dass (Kerala) , VI    – M.P. Abdul Razak         (Kerala)

80 kg Category

I Place – M. Romio (Manipur), II – Dheeraj Jaiswal (Haryana), III   – Cristojose (Kerala),  IV  – Hogaditya Rawal (Uttaranchal) , V – Som Raj (Punjab) , VI    – Anand Minz (M.P.)

85 kg Category

I Place – Anish Raj (Kerala) , II – G. Suresh Reddy (A.P) , III   – Yogesh Bane (Maharashtra),  IV   – Umesh Patil (M.P), V – V.M. Shinil (Kerala)  , VI    – Nagrajwadi (Goa)

90 kg Category

I Place – Amit Choudhary (U.P.), II – Md. Nawaz (Telangana), III   – M.K. Rafeeque       (Kerala),  IV – Sadashivan (Kerala), V – S. Venkatesan (Tamilnadu), VI  – Mahendra Desai (Goa)

100 kg Category

I Place – M.R. Satheesh (Kerala), II – Brij Pal Kadiyan (Haryana), III – S. Riyaz (Tamilnadu),  IV   – Narinder Singh (Punjab) , V – Syed Mahaboob Ali (Telengana) , VI  – M. Sathishkumar (Pondicherry)


Below 55 kg Category

I Place – Abdul Buhari (Kerala), II – Raja (Tamilnadu) , III  – Md. Abdul Rahim (Telangana),  IV – Ranjit (Manipur), V – K. Pentavya Reddy (A.P), VI  – Hemraj Survanshi (M.P.)

ABOVE 55 kg Category

I Place – Nizar Daud Ali (Maharashtra), II – Ravindra Singh (Punjab), III  – P. Premkumar (Manipupr),  IV   – Santosh Hajare (Maharashtra), V – Vishal Naik (Goa)


40 – 50 YEARS

I Place – Peter Joseph (Kerala), II – Nauroz Dapotawala (Gujarat), III – Sanjeev Singh Chanda (Maharashtra),  IV – S. Muthuvel (Tamilnadu), V –  Reji Joseph (Kerala), VI – Nongadiren Mangarg (Manipur)

50 – 55 YEARS

I Place – Surendran (Kerala), II – Deepak Sorap (Maharashtra), III – K.C. Prasad (Kerala),  IV   – Prakash Naik (Maharashtra), V – M. Vijai Sai (Tamilnadu) , VI – Vijay Kumaran Nair (Kerala)

Above 55 YEARS

I Place – Thilakan (Kerala), II – O. Devan (Manipur), III   – Babu Plaktoottan (Kerala),  IV – Kartik Jena (Orissa), V – V. Babu Rajendran (Tamilnadu), VI – Gaindlal Sagarvanji (Chattisgar)


WINNER   –        KERALA   –        64 POINTS


Our sincere thanks to:

Mr. K. Gurunathan, Working President, Chennai Amateur Body Building Association


9 Responses to “Federation Cup Inter-State Bodybuilding Championship”

  1. Can we get to see some photos?

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    I have requested the persons concerned to send me the photographs.
    I myself am eagerly awaiting a reply.

  3. Much eager to see our old friend M.Romio’s photos who won 1st place in 80 Kg category making a come back after a long time. He had such a nice rib box and bone structure, like Frank Zane.

  4. david blessing Says:

    i like bodybuilding pls send me in this mail id any event is conduct in chennai

  5. david blessing Says:

    do not give any recomamdation to give my people r friend any one says please do not give place to them and remove him from the compation.please respect from the hard training bodybuilder.the recomandation person easily get the place.so the please avoid the recoamandation

  6. Dear David,
    I am not a judge or competition organiser. To be very honest, I don’t have any power or I don’t hold ANY post in ANY association.
    I am just an ordinary guy who trains hard, like any of my brothers. I respcet every hard working bodybuilder and persons who are cloe to me know that.
    I 100 per cent agree with your feeling that placing should come ONLY because of merit and there should be no recommendation.

    And about competition announcement: I used to post information on the blog about competitions that were planned. Somehow, that went out of my mind for sometime due to various pressures and other reasons.
    I will try my best to inform friends like you through the blog if any competitio is being held.
    If you are a competitor, I wish you lot of success to win several more titles in the future.
    If you are a trainer, I wish all your guys the very best of luck to win medals in all their competitions.

  7. Ulaganathan Says:

    Hi please tell when will be the nextbody building competition and where?

  8. takeupsculpting Says:

    Federation cup – Feb 19 & 20 @ Bhopal
    Senior Mr. India – April 2,3 &4 @ Bangalore
    Mr. TamilNadu – March 2nd or 3rd Week
    Mr. South India – March 1st week
    Interdistricts (Chennai & Tiruvallur) – Feb 6th @ Chennai, Corporation ground near Dr. MGR Janaki college

  9. Murali Vatsa Says:

    please give the details of this years fedaration cup competition

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