THE CHAMP–Mr. Tamil Nadu A. Srinivasan

It's unbelievable that this man's contest prep lasts only 30 days.

It's unbelievable that this man's contest prep lasts only 30 days.



The body building scene in our country certainly does not suffer from dearth of potential. The irony, however, is that talent is either misguided and ruined or unable to flourish owing to myriad reasons. Lack of financial security is the biggest of all hurdles. Here is testimony to that fact – A. Srinivasan hailing from Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu.

Having won Mr. Tamil Nadu and over half-a-dozen titles in 60-kg category, he is capable of placing high at national-level shows, provided he gets support to train and eat properly round the year.

Here is what he recently told Team Masters:

Champ: “I come from a carpenter family. When I started training, I could not workout for more than two or three days a week as I had to work from dawn to dusk. Two years after initial training, I entered my first district-level competition in Vellore but did not place. After a few more months of serious workout, I entered my second show and placed second. I started visiting State competitions wherever they were held. I was lucky that Mr. India J. Muniappan took interest in me. He gave me tips and encouraged me to move into Chennai.

Masters: How did he help you?

C: I couldn’t have asked for anything better. As soon as I landed in Chennai in 2005, he got me a job to initially help me support myself. He gave me tailored-made routines on which my body grew and got harder. He introduced me to eating once in every three hours. I learnt about high quality proteins, carbohydrates and calorific manipulation to gain weight and get ripped.

M: When did your competition glory begin?

C: I won a city meet in August 2005, a few months of training under Muniappan. Then I won an inter-district meet in October 2005 and participated in Federation Cup held December 2005 in Mumbai.

M: Did you win any medal there?

C: I could get only sixth. But, it encouraged me to train harder. I competed in Mr. Tamil Nadu held in Chennai in February 2006 and won. I qualified for Junior Mr. India held the same month in Jalandher. Unfortunately, I could get only a participation certificate. But my efforts did not stop. For a while I was in Vijayawada. I competed in an Andhra Pradesh State-level meet and won even there.

M: You don’t seem to leave anything untouched!

C: Honestly, I can do a lot more. But, I don’t have enough money to eat right round the year. What little I earn, I save so that I can spend it for my contest preparation. In 2007, I could not get to my absolute best and had to take second place in both Junior Mr. Tamil Nadu and Mr. Tamil Nadu held in Coimbatore. And after a lot of financial problems, I saved some money and entered Mr. Tamil Nadu in 2008. But, I came second.

M: You are unhappy with the decision?

C: No, no, no…not like that. I feel bad because I could not get amazing owing to lack of financial support. I respect all decisions at every contest. Just give me a good, stable job and I will be able to make my ‘guru’ proud of my achievements.

M: You can certainly do it Srinivasan. You are very young and have a long, long career. And now, can you explain a routine which Muniappan gave you to build your body?

C: Sure. I will outline one of the routines he gave me.

M: You blew away the minds of several competitors with your conditioning at the recent State meet. How long do you take to prepare for a show?

C: I generally get sharp very fast. So my contest prep is only for one month! I can’t afford to buy a lot of food in the off-season and so I am forced to stay lean. That also helps in a way, I feel.

I take this opportunity to thank Muniappan, whom I owe everything, and all judges who have encouraged me over these years.

M: Srinivasan, for your gratitude to your ‘guru, passion for the sport, thirst for success and penchant for hard work, you will go places.

Good luck from Team Masters.

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar

The champ with his mentor Muniappan

The champ with his mentor Muniappan



One of the routines Srinivasan used:

Day 1 (morning)

Bench Press, Incline Press, Flat Bench Flye all 4 sets 15,12,8, 6 reps in Pyramid technique.

Parallel Bar Dips 4 sets 10 reps each


Lying Barbell Extension, Seated Barbell Extension, Pressdown, One arm Dumbell Extension, Reverse Wrist Curl all 4 x 15,12,8, 6

Day 2 (morning)

Chinning 4 x10, Pulldown Behind Neck, Barbell Row and One Arm Dumbell Row all 4×15,12,8,6


Barbell Curl, Incline Curl, Preacher Curl, Concentration Curl, Wrist Curl, all 4×15,12,8,6

Day 3 (morning)

Press Behind Neck, Dumbell Press, Lateral Raise, Front Raise, Barbell Shrug all 4×15,12,8,6


Squat, Leg Press, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Standing Calf Raise all 4×15,12,8,6

Day 4 Rest

Day 5 Cycle repeats

Note: This was tailor-made for a particular individual.


The champ stunning the crowd with his muscularity

The champ stunning the crowd with his muscularity



4 Responses to “THE CHAMP–Mr. Tamil Nadu A. Srinivasan”

  1. jeb dailey Says:

    How can I get in touch with Mr. A. Srinivasan? Do you have his e-mail address and telephone number? I visit Chennai frequently and would like to interview him for a job vacancy currently available.

    Thank you.

    P.S. You are also welcome to give him my e-mail address. I am currently in the USA, will return home to Qatar later, and back to Chennai in a few months.

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    I have informed Srinivasan about your interest in him.
    Hope he will email you.

  3. Sir, im very much intrested in body building nd I had participated in the competition held at osmania university in the year 2007 nd I stood in top 6 but I was disapointed for that nd from dat year I left bodybuilding nd now I want to continue it nd therefore growup at a higher level in this field but, I need a guidence from the champ if u make me approach me then I wud be one more champ in the future please help me

    Thanking you.

  4. Hi Seenu,
    Amazing snaps, hope you remember me from park Villa, I know under your training I improved a lot, but now with no training, I am really struggling..
    May be once i am back to Chennai, I shall get in touch with you and start our regular regime soon.
    Untill then, enjoy and take care..

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