Workout of a champion

Blidly imitating your hero may be the biggest mistake in your body building career.

Blindly imitating your hero may be the biggest mistake in your body building career.

It is natural that you are tempted to follow the training routines of body building superstars you come across in the magazines. But, will it work or backfire? Nobody can say for sure.

Biologically, the body of a champion and a common man who has never set foot into a gym are not different.

But, the number of fibres present in each muscle group, the ratio of Red versus White Muscle Fibres, the rate at which these fibres recover after an intense workout, the efficiency with which the body utilises nutrients from food, the genetically-determined shape of the muscles and bone structure, all of these things differ from person to person!

Don’t be surprised if you hear that a current Mr. India contender Bench Presses a little more than a former world champion. Here is where you have to realise that the above mentioned factors determine how much or how little each person responds to similar workloads.

Taking a page out of a champion’s routine calls for tremendous knowledge, experience and wisdom. Until you graduate to that level, do not blindly imitate your hero. Train hard using basic guidelines under a well-informed instructor and keep learning. Observe your body and look for the feedback it gives.

You may even be the next physique superstar.

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


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  1. Hi Trainingmasters,

    The info is good.. but you screwed up the contents in this post due to your font being too big.

    Do edit it soon .

    note- delete my comment once you are through

    i regularly read your column on metro

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