Women need weight training


Weight training does a lot of good for women. That a woman who trains with heavy weights will build a manly physique is only a myth. Irrespective of the weight with which a woman trains, she just cannot build big, masculine muscles. The reason is simple – a woman’s body doesn’t produce sufficient amount of testosterone (androgenic/anabolic hormone).

Heidi Paa of Nebraska University says a woman can gain almost 80 % strength of a man while gaining just one tenth of his muscle size!

Weight training has been scientifically proven to elevate the metabolic rate of a person, even six hours after he/she has finished a workout.

Apart from cosmetic look, systematic weight training helps to regulate periods and fight osteoporosis, the degeneration of bones which is common among ageing women.

Researchers have demonstrated that proper weight training during pregnancy paves the way for an easy and comfortable delivery.

So don’t shy away from the weight room or play around with ‘Mickey Mouse weights.’

Train hard, under proper guidance.

                                                                             _ P. Srimathy


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