Mr. Tamil Nadu 2008

It has been a couple of years since a physique contest was staged in a grand manner at a reputable venue. It needs a lot of courage to organise a body building show on a grand scale. Hats-off to Mohan Kumar Joshua of Yuva Fitness, Chennai, for organising such a contest in our very own Chennai.
November 23, 2008
Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium reverberated with the grunting of bodybuilders pumping up their oiled physiques and the excitement of rambunctious audience.
All-India Congress Committee member Karthi P. Chidambaram inaugurated the show and presided. Iron J.P.R. Bose, Tamilnadu Amateur Body Building Association (TABBA) Treasurer, delivered welcome address.
M. Arasu, TABBA Secretary, T.K. Gurunathan, Working President, Chennai Amateur Body Building Association and P. Suresh, CABBA Secretary, spoke.
M. Rajendrakumar, Trichy District, Body Building Association Secretary, as emcee, left no stone unturned to get the audience applaud when his fellow iron warriors flexed their muscles under the gleaming stage lights.
Cash prizes to the tune of Rs. 3,000, Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 1,000 were given to top-three finishers in each weight category.
The overall winner, Champion of Champions, was presented a Yamaha Sports Bike FZ16, worth Rs. 75,000!
A total of 182 competitors participated in the event.

Notable performers

In the 60-kg category, A. Srinivasan of Chennai shocked the other competitors right from the day of weigh-in. His conditioning and muscle separation, especially thigh-hamstring delineation, kept getting better and better. However, N. Senguttavan, who represented Tuticorin, brought in a much-improved package than what we have been seeing in the past four years. Though his legs still needed a little more size, the newly-gained shoulder width, fullness and hardness got him the top spot. However, Srinivasan has a great physique and can do serious damage at any major show he enters. K. Haribabu of Chennai, who has a classic body, was not 100 per cent ready. His mentor Vinod has been preparing the wunderkind for the Federation Cup scheduled to be held in January 2009.



In the 65-kg category stood the incredibly ripped and dry competitor of the entire show. N. Perumal Durai of Chennai reminded me of Andreas Munzer and Hamadullah Aykutlug. The man’s muscles fibres looked more like a cobweb!!!
In the 75-kg class was the awesome T. Saravanan of Krishnagiri. Though blocky in structure, his dense, hard muscles, separation and dryness made him the hero of the day.
In the 80-kg category was a young man making his debut at the State-level. Murali Vijaykumar of Chennai won the title in his very first attempt, pushing a massive S. Sivakumar to second place.


Murali Vijayakumar

Vijaykumar’s incredible separation in the legs, a great posing routine and graceful stage presence gave him the edge. However, he needs to put in more hard work to compete in bigger shows. Sivakumar needs more conditioning to win this title. I feel that coming in 75-kg class with more hardness and cuts would make him a dangerous competitor.
G. Saravanaraj of Chennai in the 85-kg category was hardcore beef. His incredible water manipulation in a few short days, though not desirable, was undoubtedly a feat!
Champion of Champions
The clash of titans? Not exactly.
It was clear that the fight was between Saravanan and Perumal Durai.
Even as the judges kept calling for more comparisons between Saravanan, Durai and R. Rajendran, my heart started to miss several beats. All the three were too exhausted and looked like they would cramp and crash right on the stage. Durai’s muscle fibres kept getting scarier like they would rip his skin apart and explode.
In the end, Saravanan’s size and hardness got him the title and there could not have been a more popular decision.

Champion of champions - Saravanan

Champion of champions - Saravanan

Though there were no complaints about the show, a small regret was expressed by the champions. The traditional medals were not presented to the top-three finishers. However, such a trivial issue should not be allowed to eclipse the hard work and passion of the organisers of the grand event. I feel that in the future, people like Mohan Kumar Joshua and his friends are what we need to bring body building shows from open grounds and cramped street-corners to reputable auditoriums and get our sport the attention of mainstream media.

Here’s is a list of top six finishers

55 kg Category

I Place – V. Senthil Kumar (Thiruvallur), II – S. Prabhakaran (Trichy), III – R. Ajay (Chennai), IV – D. Rajasekar (Thiruvallur), V – K. Mariappan (Salem), VI – Udhayakumar – (Chennai)

60 kg Category

I – N. Senguttuvan (Tuticorin), II – A. Srinivasan (Chennai) ,III – Haribabu (Chenai), IV – S. Ashok Kumar (Krishnagiri), V – S. Allaudin (Salem), VI – P.K. Saravanan (Kanchi)

65 kg Category

I – N. Perumal Durai (Chennai), II – S. Vairamuthu (Virudhunagar) , III – G. Babu (Kanchi), IV – R. Munusamy (Nilgris), V – S. Vignesh (Chennai), VI – S. Lakshman (Kanchi)

70 kg Category

I – R. Rajendran (Madurai) , II – B. Haribabu (Chennai), III – N. Murali (Chennai), IV – D. Michael (Thiruvallur), V – P. Shanmugam (Nilgris), VI – R. Narayanan (Kanchi)

75 kg Category

I – T. Saravanan (Krishnagiri), II – N. Kannan (Kanchi), III – P. Suresh (Chennai), IV – P. Karthik (Thiruvallur), V – V. Saravanan (Kanchi), VI – A. Yuvaraj (Thiruvallur)

80 kg Category

I – Murali Vijaykumar (Chennai), II – S. Shivakumar (Chennai), III – R. Mohana Rangam (Salem), IV – S. Vijaya kumar (Chennai), V – SM. Ragul Elankumaran (Kanchi), VI – A. Paul (Krishnagiri)

85 kg Category

I – G. Saravanaraj (Chennai), II – B. Karthik (Chennai), III – P.T. Suresh (Coimbatore), IV – R. Vimalanand (Salem), V – T. Nagalinga Raja (Virudhunagar), VI – A. Jayapal (Thiruvallur)

85 kg Plus Category

I – S. Venkatesan (Chennai), II – S. Riyaz (Madurai), III – John (Chennai), IV – SivaGurunathan (Cuddalore), V – R. Sathikumar (Tuticorin), VI – M. C. Yugendra Perumal (Thiruvallur)

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar



6 Responses to “Mr. Tamil Nadu 2008”

  1. hi,
    This article sounds interesting.
    And sir(lakshmi kumar) i have a query regd supplements and who better than u could be able to answer that.If a 22 year old guy who s been hitting the gym for the past 3 months takes supplement would it have any side effects on his body incase he needs to discontinue the gym for a span of time due to job reason or watever?.I basically want to know if i could develop a good physique if can follow a proper routine under proper supervison without using supplements?.Do supplements have side effects??

  2. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Atif,
    food supplements from standard companies will NOT have any side-effect, as long as the person who takes them is healthy and does not have a medical condition.
    For example, a person who suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease or teenagres and pregnant women should not take supplements that help the body to burn fat.
    Similarly, if a person has kidney problems, it is better to avoid a supplement such as creatine monohydrate, which is otherwise safe enough to be given to persons with some heart condition! You will soon read a full story about these researches….
    You can certainly develop a decent physique wihout using any supplement, but it is practically very tough to eat that amount of solid food from a variety of sources, every three hours.
    But, even if you take the very best of supplements, if your overall eating plan is less than 100 % spot-on, the results will be average.
    Your workout should also be a perfect-fit for you.
    As regards missing workouts, if it’s unavoidable, taking a break of a day or two, here and there, is ok.
    But, don’t come up with excuses. People generally do that.

  3. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  4. Hello Lakshmi Kumar,
    I found your article, when surfing web. very informative indeed.
    I would like to train our next generation kids for the title, preferably in 70Kg category. Now they are too young. I need your advice on what kind of sports they can play in childhood (which can be helpful when he builds body in future). Also do you think activities like swiming helps in acheiving wide spread chest ?.
    So for kids, what is the right age to start real work out.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. takeupsculpting Says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash,
    Thanks for your comment….I don’t understand when you say that you specifically want to train young persons “for 70 kg category.” A skinny person who weighs 45 or 50 kg before picking up a barbell may eventually gain so much muscle that he competes in 90 kg category! That depends on physique potential (genetics). We cannot control or decide that…..Children as young as 7 or 8 can start with free-hand and floor exercises like Chinning, Push Ups, Free Squats, Free Lunges and Crunches 3 non-consecutive days a week. They can start adding more movements as they grow older and train with very light weights as early as 10 or 11!
    I’ll post a full-fledged story on that soon.
    Swimming is a very good cardiovascular exercise. But, I don’t think it can expand your chest. It may help somewhat or it may not. There are better choices (weight training) for chest expansion.
    Stay in touch.

  6. Sir,

    We are manufacturers & Importers of SNT & Gromass range of Protein supplements. Need your assistance by referring us some distributors who can distribute our products.

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