Do you need low-carbohydrate diet?

Reg Park

Former Mr. Universe Reg Park displaying amazing abs in the early 1960s.

Low-carbohydrate diets have been used safely by competitive body builders since time immemorial, but only for short periods (12 to 16 weeks) to achieve maximum fat loss. Problems may occur when a common man desiring fat loss starts overdoing such professional diet plans. But, do you need such an extreme plan just to lose some weight and start getting healthier?

According to researcher Dr. Robert Kushner, whose studies were reported in Nutrition in Clinical Practice, a person who needs to lose weight need not adopt a body builder’s competition low-carbohydrate diet plan. A reduction in calories (about 10 to 15 %) coming from simple sugars (fast-acting carbohydrates) and fats alone will suffice. It is calorific deficit elicited by a small reduction in a couple of macronutrients that signals the body to burn more stored calories for energy.

Foods and drinks containing large amounts of fructose and fats promote maximum fat gain and should be avoided.

Carbohydrates, when consumed as per the body’s requirement, are utilised and not converted into fat. There isn’t much evidence to prove that this kind of sensible carbohydrate consumption increased insulin resistance.

So, do not blindly imitate a professional sportsperson’s plan, which may be too much for your unconditioned system.

_ C. Lakshmi Kumar


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