Weight categories at body building competitions

Audience at a body building show will see competitors in various weight categories. Here is how they are classified: 


Feather Weight (under 121 pounds) – 55 kg category 


Fly Weight (under 132 pounds)        – 60 kg category

Bantam Weight (under 143 pounds) – 65 kg category

Light Weight (under 154 pounds) – 70 kg category

Welter Weight (under 165 pounds) – 75 kg category

Middle Weight (under 176 pounds) – 80 kg category

Light Heavy Weight (under 187 pounds) – 85 kg category

Heavy Weight (under 198 pounds) – 90 kg category

Super Heavy Weight (198 pounds and above) – 90 + kg category


                                                                          _ C. Lakshmi Kumar


5 Responses to “Weight categories at body building competitions”

  1. bodybuilding4lfe Says:

    Why publish old thing?
    We already have 100+ in Nationals.

    Please update about the other categories if you can find them.

    Anyways good work there!

  2. I too had the same doubt..
    What is 100+ category called? Super duper heavy weights?

  3. takeupsculpting Says:

    Well…. we, as people who have dedicated our lives to the sport of bodybuilding for over a decade, are ourselves waiting for an answer!
    What we recently received from the U.S. is confusing. We didn’t publish it because the list looked less than perfect to us. A couple of categories were clubbed and put under the same name!!!
    As regards India, many people are still comfortable mentioning the weight categories by the figures and not names. So we thought it would be better to publish what will not be confusing…..However, we will try to get the accurate names and publish it.

  4. hello

    i am regular reader of ur column

    can u please list out types of workouts to be done

    and the effects it does on da body just like u

    write in hindu… or else please do post a good article on the workouts in this blog..

    or else can u provide a good website for better workout training..

  5. takeupsculpting Says:

    Hi Bharat,
    you will get more details, interviews and routines in a brief format on this blog than what you are used to seeing in the paper.
    I established this blog recently and am trying to post as many variety of stories as possible.
    I am sure you will understand that it needs a little time to gradually post more stories.
    Stay tuned, you will NOT be disappointed.
    I have already posted one story, with a training routine, on types of muscle fibres.
    Check out all the posts.
    You will get more.

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