Eat more often, keep metabolism high


bob at food table

Pro Bodybuilders like Bob Cicherillo are experts in nutrition

Knowing about our metabolism involves understanding what is happening inside our bodies when we eat and when we don’t.

Eating smaller but more frequent meals is beneficial not only to athletes but also health-conscious, active persons in several ways. Frequent eating helps to maintain a steady level of blood glucose levels, providing energy throughout the day. It enhances nutrient utility and prevents the body from getting fat. The right way to eat will be three meals of regular food items (smaller servings, of course) and two or three health-food snacks every day. However, those who consume high-calorie foods to gain muscle or body weight can spread their calories equally over five or six meals. For example, a person consuming 2,000 calories a day can eat five small meals providing 400 calories each rather than eat three enormous meals.

When calories (from quality foods) are ingested, a thermic effect takes place inside the body – our metabolism rises to process the calories consumed.

It is as simple as this – the more often we eat, the more the ‘thermic’ effect. This maintains the metabolic rate. Add to it systematic exercises and you have a win-win combination to getting good health and a great body.

However, calorific and nutrient intake has to be tailored based on each individual’s body and needs.

                                                                           _Murtuza S. Rasheed


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